When you come aboard the Captree Princess you will be greeted by Captain Rob and one of his First Mates, ready to answer any and all questions you may have.

Reservations are not required, however, it is good to call ahead of time when fishing with groups of up to 8-20 people, we want to accommodate you the best we can. We ask that you make it to the boat 30 minutes prior to sailing time. We like all of our visitors to be prepared and ready to go.

She is 80 ft. long with dinette style seating in her main heated cabin where the galley can be found. The galley is always stocked with hot dogs, chips, candy, soda and bottled water. We also serve complimentary coffee.

The Captree Princess offers clean, separate rest rooms for guy’s and gal’s. There is seating all around the boat for your comfort and convenience. The upper deck is huge, you are more than welcome to go up and enjoy the sea breeze, the sun and the view while your not fishing.

You will find a small “tackle shop” on board where you purchase bucktails, teasers, cameras, sunglasses, tee-shirts, sweatshirts etc.

Captree Princess Charter Fishing Long Island

The Crew

The crew aboard are the finest in the industry. They have tremendous knowledge in all aspects of fishing from the back bay of the Great South Bay, to the Deep Atlantic Ocean.

Our Crew will assist you in getting you a comfortable fishing spot on board the boat and issuing you a rod. If you bring your own, one of our Crew will rig it for you. You will be instructed properly on tackle and baiting your hook to increase your odds on “landing the big one”. Beginners are always welcome, and are sure to learn something while out on the trip.

During your stay aboard the Captree Princess, The Crew will assist you with untangling lines, baiting, rigging and bait and tackle. At the end of the trip The Crew will filet, clean and bag your fish for you depending on how you want it. The Crew works hard and gratuities are greatly appreciated.

We have the same crew members each year and they are there to ensure a safe and pleasurable voyage. We are also proud of our clientele, once aboard you will feel at home with the wonderful atmosphere on the boat. We respect our Clientele and expect them to do the same. We will not tolerate any foul language or any excessive drinking on board.